Personal Entrepreneurship

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Changing careers can be a confusing time for many people.  With so many options available, and so many factors influencing your ideas, it may be difficult to make an informed decision. 

ACSBE’s People Development Team feels that the best way to approach this new chapter in your life is to be sure that you look at all of the factors involved – starting with your own Personal Vision.  By working through ACSBE’s Entrepreneurial Decision Making Cycle, you will have considered things like:

  • Who am I? – What are my interests, my values and my beliefs and how do these things help to point me in a new direction.
  • How can I turn my ideas into a career? Is it possible to base a new career direction on things that I really WANT to do?
  • Do I have what I need / what it takes? Examine all of your skills – not just the diploma – to determine if you can really turn your dream into reality. If you do need to take training, what are the options available to get moving fast?
  • Are there opportunities?  What are the chances of finding your dream job in your area?  Could you create this job for yourself?
  • How can I do it?  Learn about different strategies and decide on the one that works.

If this sounds like an approach that you’d like to take to finding a new career direction, we’d like to help. We also provide communitu-based programming for Older Workers and Youth.

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