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My Business Idea

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The My Business Idea (MBI) workbook is designed to assist your clients to explore and develop a business idea.

A First Step Business Start-up Assessment Guide : 14 pages

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This tool will help you assist your clients in the pre-planning phase to:

Discover what they already know and what they need to know about their business idea, and Assess their business idea and help them make an informed decision about starting a business.

How My Business Idea Works
To construct the business idea profile, the client is asked questions that relate to the following business categories:

  • Your customers
  • Your competition
  • Making your product or providing your service
  • Making money
  • Raising money
  • Managing your business
  • Rules and regulations
  • Is this business right for you?
  • Would this business last?
  • Could you start small?
  • Success and failure in your words

This tool assists the business counsellor and client to begin to explore a business idea together.

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