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You Can Take the Lobster Out of Nova Scotia, But ...

I am sitting in The Explorer Hotel in Yellowknife the last week of November listening to a lady encourage people to act like lobsters. Down the hall is a cast and crew of hundreds who are heading out into the -39 degree weather to film for this season of Arctic Air (http://www.cbc.ca/arcticair/). Seems a bit surreal for a small town girl from Nova Scotia. I’m at the North West Territories Economic Development Conference, having delivered a lively version of our one day Small Business Counselling workshop yesterday. It is Merge Gupta-Sunderji up front at the mike, trying to engage the crowd who has been sitting still for 3 straight days. (http://mergespeaks.com/


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Tips for “the Newbie” @ Work
Part 4 of 4

One Final - Important Newbie Note: SAFETY!!! 

One last important tip I think I should mention for anyone who is new in the workforce. Know your rights as an employee and especially when it comes to your own personal safety. You must always remember that it is your right to be SAFE at all times!!! Now let me be clear here, some of you may sign-up for a job that you think is cool, but wouldn’t be willing to do certain aspects of the job.


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Job Search Q&A With Kristy

You have a full-time job, but are at an interview for a different job.  They ask you why you want to leave your current position.  You say:

 A, I need a change of scenery, I’m burnt out and want to try something new
 B, I can’t stand anyone I work with and they are an awful company to work for
 C, I’m looking for a new challenge and would like to use my skills in new ways
 D, I want to make more money


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Tips for “the Newbie” @ work
Part 2 of 4

Relationship Building at Work!

So now you have some general tips on how to settle into your new role in a perfect world where everyone gets along and works well together. But… Just as every person is not perfect, no workplace is either.


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Think you know Job Search?!

Think you know everything about job search?!  I’m telling you, no one does and you definitely can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. 
Well except for this. :)

I’ve landed at least 30 jobs since I started working back in the early 90’s, so this girl knows how to look for work!  Who knew those experiences would have taken me down this path, but here I am 6 years later helping other folks find work.  And not just work, I mean meaningful work that is a match for the client and their employer.  Win, win, win situations, everyone happy is what I strive for.


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