Business Counsellor’s Resource Guide

This handbook, intended for use by micro and small business counsellors, provides a comprehensive overview of the ACSBE Entrepreneurial Decision-Making Cycle©.
Paper copy (approx $39* CDN) BCRC0806202
Electronic copy - PDF ($32 CDN) BCRC0806202e

Counsellors can use this tool to assist clients to navigate through the various steps of the cycle. With templates and exercises to engage clients in purposeful planning, this resource not only assists the counsellor with an understanding of the cycle, but also assists their client as they progress towards making an informed decision about whether and how they should embark on a business career.

The guide is focused on the exploration and evaluation stages of the cycle. It rec¬ognizes that the power of the ACSBE approach to entrepreneurial decision-making is in the personal exploration stage with continual reflection as decisions are made in the other two stages of the cycle. It is for this reason that the handbook progresses from a very detailed approach to personal and business visioning, opportunity identi¬fication and internal analysis. The tools and techniques used by the counsellor in this section will ensure the client has a positive, rewarding and realistic view of the business opportunity and the extent to which it will contribute to their desired quality of life.

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