The Courtland Chronicles

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 By Chance

Cover for By Change by Cat Grant

A life of wealth and privilege doesn’t equal happiness—just ask Eric Courtland. Growing up with a cold, unfeeling father and unstable mother has taught him exactly what he doesn’t want out of life or love. The troubled young man prefers a solitary life and is content to keep it that way until a campus emergency saddles him with an unwanted roommate.

Popular, wholesome, straight Nick Thompson is far more temptation than Eric’s prepared for, but Nick’s warm, easygoing manner gradually cracks through Eric’s prickly protective shell.

After Eric suffers a traumatic attack, their friendship gives way to an intense passion. Eric’s no stranger to casual sex, but what he feels for Nick is something deeper, and more fragile.

Independent Eric doesn’t know the first thing about being in a relationship, much less with a lover who can’t even admit he’s gay. But conservative Nick can’t seem to find his way out of his own personal closet.

Rock, meet hard place.

 Strictly Business

Cover for Strictly Business by Cat Grant

Eric Courtland is hungry for revenge—at any cost—against the cold, unfeeling father who never loved him, and who drove his mother to an early grave. Tossed headfirst into the shark-tank world of big business, Eric soon learns it’s eat or be eaten, and has no choice but to throw in his lot with ruthless titan of industry Branford Crane.

Still reeling from his mother’s death—and the guilt of not being able to save her—Eric plunges into a dark spiral of self-destruction, rejecting his longtime partner Nick’s love and support in favor of the harsh tutelage Bran offers him, in and out of the bedroom.

But one night, when Bran finally pushes Eric beyond any reasonable limit, Eric realizes how far he’s fallen—and how desperately he needs Nick to help pull him back from the edge.


Cover for Complications by Cat Grant
Eric Courtland dreams of a powerful career in politics, but when he begins taking his lover, Nick Thompson, for granted, Nick decides that he’s had enough of life in the background. Devastated and alone, Eric throws himself into the distractions of liquor–and his college friend, Ally Taylor.

What starts as a passionate rebound affair sparks something deeper in each of them, and as Eric finds healing in Ally’s arms, he makes an unexpected proposal: he will offer his wealth and connections to forward her career; all Ally has to do is agree to marry him. But is a promise of fidelity and an intense physical connection enough make a marriage?

Soon, Ally finds herself falling in love with her new husband, but their lives are thrown into chaos with Nick’s untimely re-appearance. Secrets, lies, and betrayal threaten to undermine the growing bond between the newlyweds, and Eric is forced to make a painful decision between the man he’s loved for over a decade, and the new wife he can’t bear to hurt.

The Arrangement

Cover for The Arrangement by Cat Grant

Most people are lucky to find one love—Eric Courtland found two. He’s spent the last decade in and out of a tempestuous relationship with his lover, Nick. But all that is nearly over when his new bride, Allison, discovers that his vows of fidelity came with an exception. Suddenly, Eric is at risk of destroying all he cares about, from his burgeoning political career, to the two loves of his life.

Terrified of losing everything, Eric proposes an unconventional solution: a non-traditional arrangement that neither Allison or Nick can refuse. And despite the betrayal and jealousy that plague the birth of their new relationship, the three begin to discover new ways of achieving harmony and balance—and an intimacy beyond anything they expected.

Even as their secret relationship grows, however, blackmailing political rivals and the pressures of life in the public eye create stresses that threaten to tear the three apart. In the end, Eric must decide what he’s willing to sacrifice: the political ambitions he’s nurtured all his life, or building a new dream with the only two people he’s ever loved.


Cover for Triad by Cat Grant

Eric and Allison Courtland and their partner, Nick Thompson, have spent the last decade tucked away in their Tuscan villa, far from the bigotry and hatred they faced in the States. After years of disappointment, Allison is finally pregnant. But the happy news is soon blunted by a family crisis that brings them–reluctantly–back home.

Blackmail, a potential corporate takeover and shocking revelations from both Eric’s and Nick’s pasts leave them all shaken to their core–but determined to fight to hold their unconventional relationship together.